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The Balanced Literacy Approach

Balanced Literacy
Balanced Literacy is a framework designed to help all students learn to read and write effectively. The program stands firmly on the premise that all students can learn to read and write. This balance between reading and writing allows students to receive the teaching needed in order to reach grade level status, while allowing students to work at a level that is not frustrating for them. There are several models currently used in schools today.

Literacy Collaborative
The Literacy Collaborative is a model for teaching children in a child-centered classroom, providing many opportunities for real life reading and writing experiences. Literacy Collaborative classrooms focus on four different types of reading experiences: Reading aloud to children, Shared reading-whole class, Guided reading-small group and Independent reading. The goal of the Literacy Collaborative is to help children become readers and writers who enjoy and value literacy.

Shared Reading
Shared Reading is a link in helping students become independent readers. It allows the teacher to model and support students using prediction and confirming skills. It allows less confident students the chance to share stories/articles/poetry in a non-threatening situation. It focuses on the meaning, fun, enjoyment, characters and sequence of a story and allows them to relate it back to their own experiences. It promotes discussion, problem-solving and critical thinking by students. During the initial reading, the teacher:
• Introduces the book (shares theme, examines title, cover, illustrations, and makes predictions)
• Relates prior experience to text
• Concentrates on enjoying the text as a whole
• Encourages students to use background knowledge to make predictions
• Encourages spontaneous participation in the reading of the story
• Discusses…...

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