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Troy Evans
December 2nd 2010

Eminem’s life has been full of ups and downs. He went from having no money in the ghetto of Detroit to being a famous millionaire rap star icon. He dropped out of high school after failing 9th grade three times. Then he turned to music. He constantly read the dictionary so he could have a srong vocabulary. Marshall was entering underground rap battles to prove himself in the music industry. It was a lot harder for him to do this since he was white and rap was primarily an African American musical style. It was unheard of that a white rapper could be at the top. After studying rap and figuring out what he wanted to sound like, the famous producer Dr. Dre discovered Eminem. His first album The Slim Shady EP was a hit. People were starting to recognize the young sensation.

Early Work

The second album that Eminem made was The Slim Shady LP. This album has won awards for greatest rap album. The next album was The Marshall Mathers LP and it was the highest selling hip hop/rap album of all time. I guess you can say he was growing into a huge hit. But there was a dark side Eminem had legal issues with his wife Kim Mathers and also experimented with drugs. He was also criticized for lyrics that were disrespectful to homosexuals and different races.

The Eminem Show and Encore

His next two albums were considered not his greatest work and critics said it could have been a lot better. The album Encore was considered his worst album but still sold a lot of copy’s. The title was Encore because it was going to be his last album of his life. Right after it, he checked into rehab for drugs. He was taking a break from rap and music in general. The rap game would be without a legend for a while.


Eminem returned from rehab a different person. He looked fitter thinner and had a different hair color. He created an album named relapse with a different kind of rap style and a brand new Eminem. He was featured in songs with different artists and he has never done that before. But this album was also criticized for this album and Eminem even said he could have done better.

Recovery - present

One year after the Relapse Eminem changed his style again and this album was one of his most popular. He sold millions of copy’s…...

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