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Norberto Daniel Perez
Susan E. Mills
16 January 2014
There’s Money in Going to College
“Money doesn’t buy you happiness,” I have heard this time and time again. My response to that quote is, “Well I’m broke, unemployed and nowhere near being happy.” It was time to change my situation and find my happiness. This is my story of why I’m attending college.
Growing up I was instilled by my parents that you have to have money to get what you want. In order for that to happen I needed to work. I started working at the age of 10 years old, being a janitor at my father’s office. Going to school and working is all I’ve done from then till now.
After high school I knew that you needed a degree to get those big paying jobs. So I enrolled in college, in doing so I was amazed at how much it cost to go to college. This led me to working four jobs to pay for school. My third year in college I decided to make a change, so I joined the military. The fact that the military would pay for my college, after I finished serving, helped make that decision.
Being out of the military and living back in Brownsville I did not want to become another statistic (working for minimum wage and stuck living in Brownsville). I then spoke with my Veteran Representative and was told to go back to college. I responded with, “I don’t want to back to school.” That is when my Veteran Representative informed me that I will get paid to go to class and be able to earn a degree while attending. Fall semester of 2013 had started and I was now a student attending the University of Texas at Brownsville, getting paid to sit in class and earn a degree.
Throughout my years I have come to realize that my parents where right about needing money to get what you want. I have always worked hard and long hours to earn my pay checks. Now, I am working smarter to make my money, earning a degree is just one of the perks of the job.…...

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