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GE 117
Week 6

Dear Mayor, I am writing this letter to inform you of a campaign in the works, a public relations effort to “Turn off the T.V.” This is to convince residents of our county to reap the positive benefits of turning off the television for one month. I know as someone who loves to watch television “all the time” that I definitely could benefit from shutting it down for a month. There are many different benefits for every man, woman, and child. A child’s imagination is stronger when they read vs. watching television. Children that don’t watch television remain innocent longer because they don’t see the horrible things on the news. There is less exposure to violence and sexual situations. Also, less time in front of the television leads to more outside activities and playing for kids, which leads to exercise for everyone. Exposure to violence is at its highest all across the nation. Not only does this relate to violent television shows but violent video games as well. Even cartoons have a lot of violence in them these days. Let’s definitely not forget the violence in the news every day. We need less exposure to violence for children and adults all across the board. For children, early exposure to violence can lead to violent behavior in young adulthood. After exposure to violent television, music, and video games, violent thoughts and behavior are known to increase. This can increase aggression in adults, and children for that matter, and the outcome can become harmful to themselves or to someone else. There is a lot of “sexual situations” that we are being exposed to on television as well. Cartoons, music videos, commercials, evening news, and internet videos are just a few ways children and young adults are being exposed to sex on television. Most of this is intended for adult viewing only. Even adults with mental health disorders should not be exposed to sex on television because this can lead to other bad behaviors like child pornography or child molestation. I know they say “sex sells” a lot in the media, but we as mature, responsible adults need to say enough is enough and turn that television off for a month, maybe even two! There are many different reasons that reading a book is better than watching television. Books are unique and can really be paused by placing a bookmark. Books are always better than the movie, and you don’t ever need 3D glasses for a book. I have never read a book twice, unless it’s with one of my kids and you know how they can like the same book over and over and it never gets old for them. You seriously can burn more calories reading a book than watching television. I don’t know about you but when I watch television, I’m usually laying on the couch eating something. That’s bad business right there. There is a huge library right here in the middle of town so there is no excuse for anyone not to be able to go check out some books at the local library. There is a section there for everyone. Exercise totally trumps everything, especially watching television. I would say exercise is even better than reading a book. I see people all the time reading a book while they are working out, so I imagine they are burning a few extra calories more than people who don’t read while working out.kudos to them! Exercise is great for everyone, even babies. I see a lot of people taking pictures of babies holding I pads and posting them on facebook. You can do exercises with your baby. I know of several places that have baby yoga, and even walking the baby in the stroller at the park is more ideal than placing an ipad inn their hands. My point is this, there are so many things that are more positive and beneficial than watching television. Let’s turn them T.V.’s off and get out of the house and do something exciting and fun!…...

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