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Executive Summary

Garena is the largest leading gaming platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and it expanded its presence from Singapore to each of the countries within 4 years. This report seeks to understand the secrets of Garena in maintaining its unparalleled leadership in the gaming industry. With regards to the value chain of the gaming industry, Garena functions as an integrated developer, publisher as well as a retailer.
Garena moved from a focused differentiation strategy towards a broader scope while maintaining their differentiation approach. Customers were the key consideration in dictating their business level strategy, which resulted in both core competencies and value creation being customer-centric.
Recommendations have been made to strengthen Garena market leadership and tapping new opportunities by analysing both micro and macro environmental factors and using SWOT analysis to identify internal strengths and weakness or its external opportunities and threats.

Company Overview

Garena is founded under the name of Forrest Li and his 9 friends in Singapore and it started off as an E-sports community in 2007. It basically focused on providing all sorts of services by hosting online games for the rapidly growing gaming community. Due to their passion to bring the online gaming experience to another whole new level, they are being motivated to build a great gaming company together. Therefore, Garena was established on 2009.
During 2010, Garena launched its best online gaming social platform called Garena+. It’s for online gamers play games online with each other and they could use it to meet, chat, share tips and strategies etc. Within one year, it’d reach to over 1 million monthly active users after its first launch and expanded its presence to various countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and the CIS…...

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