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Similarities and Differences

Gamification can be referred as the use of game mechanisms and techniques to help individuals archive particular goals. Gamification plays a critical role because it helps individuals to achieve the primary desire and the need to use impulse which revolves around and idea. On the other hand, instructional system design involves the actual process of designing and creation of instruction material and course which can bring effectiveness and efficiency in knowledge acquiring to learners.
The two techniques help people to recall information. The amount of information that people rare able to recall when it comes to reading, seeing, interacting and hearing various a lot. It has been proven when individuals incorporate various aspects of gaming like the interaction with audio, visuals and simulations they aid in learning and remembering
Also by the use of the two techniques gaming helps link learning objectives. Generally game revolves around the achievements of particular objectives which are primarily associated with an incentive to win. Thereby the overall goal is accomplished after the player’s wins after which they are reward by attaining certain levels or through gaining points. The awarding of points and attainment of new levels keep individuals engaged. The two incorporate critical thinking elements. Instructional design helps to incorporate several learning elements. Moreover it makes the learning process to be fan. Use of conflict is a great way to challenge learner to help them use critical thinking skill and problem solving skills.
However the two are different, traditional instructional designs should be able to incorporate gamer designs whereby they are able to merge effectively. Moreover the two have the same approach but they are entirely different. Instructional designs have an advantage of…...

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