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Ayla is back in the third book of the earth's children. Ayla who met Jondalar in the last book, has agreed to come along with him to his home place in Zelandoni. They are with whinney and runner on the move when they see a couple of men looking at them. After an unusual meeting they come along with these strangers known as the mammoth hunters. Soon Ayla feels at home there. She discovers that a boy, named Rydag, looks a lot like her son who she had left behind with the clan. The people of the mammoth hunters are very friendly and understanding for where she has grown up. She soon makes friends. Jondalar the man she loves is very jealous. There is an interesting man, named Ranec who seems to be capable of getting Ayla in to his bed after a ceremony. Jondalar is devastated and believes that Ayla has chosen for Ranac. Ayla on the other hand thinks Jondalar doesn't love her any more. This goes so far on that Ayla almost bound with Ranec. Thank god in the ending Jondalar and Ayla find one each other again and they leave the mammoth hunters. Another adventure begins.


Jean Marie Untinen was born February 18, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois. She is the second of five children. Her father was a housepainter. After high school she married Ray Bernard Auel and raised five children of her own. In 1964 she became a member of Mensa. She earned her masters degree in 1976 - attending night school while working for a Portland electronics firm. At that time she quit her job in order to find 'more suitable work'.

Three months later she still hadn't found a new job that suited her. About that time she got an idea for a short story about a prehistoric girl. According to Jean, "The 'short story' led me to do some research; the research fired my imagination, and the wealth of material made me decide to write a novel. The first draft turned out to be more than 450,000 words and fell into s ix parts. On rewriting, I realized each of these six parts was a novel in itself. I have used that rough draft as the outline for the series."

Jean's extensive research has taken her to prehistoric sites in France, Austria, Czechoslovakia, the Ukraine, the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Germany (to follow a portion of the Danube for the 4th novel).

Future plans: "I've been working 17 years on this project, and I want to do something else--maybe a mystery, or a thin little literary science fiction book, or something. But, I admit, I've learned a lot. I love the research. I can't think of anything more fun than learning anything I want and earning a living writing about it the way I want to."



Clan of the Cave Bear, the (1980)
Valley of Horses, the (1982)
Mammoth Hunters, the (1985)
Plains of Passage, the (1990)
Shelters of Stone, the (2002)

Empirical report:

First of all I would like to say that you are dealing with an "earth children fan". I've read every part of this series and I really enjoy them. The only one I didn't like was the plains of passage. But that is another story. This one; the mammoth hunters is a class of work. It excites me, it angers me, it made me laugh out loud and it even made me cry. Any book which can do that to me is one hell of a book.

Assignment 1: write a different ending.

Page 774 Jondalar just asked Ayla to make a heart with him in zelandoni.

Ayla started crying, she felt silly for her flood of tears and cried out that she loves him and she wants to make a heart with him, more than anything in the world. But…she said I don't want to go away from clan of the mammoth hunters. It's my home….at least it feels like home. Jondelar looked startled but somehow he understands, she never had people around her who loved her for whom she is. In the clan where she's grown up she had to be a descent woman who lived by the rules of the men. Here she can be herself, a woman who is highly trained in medicine but also a great hunter. He wasn't even sure of his own people would love Ayla like the Lion camp does. He stood up and took her in his arms. It doesn't matter he said. Zelandoni isn't longer my home, Ayla. He looked her straight in the eye and said to her with a broken voice; you are my home Ayla. She couldn't believe it; he was going to stay with her? An overwhelming feeling struck her; it was the most joyful feeling she had ever felt before. Not only Jondalar had asked her to make a heart with her but he also was willing to stay with her where she wants to stay; with the people she loved most, the people of the Lion camp.

In the original ending Jondelar wants to go home to his family in Zelandoni. Ayla agrees and in the following pages she say's goodbye to the people she loves.

In my opinion she should stay. She really feels happy there and its home for her. I understand that she follows Jondelar where ever he wants to go because she loves him. But I think that she would be happier with the people of the mammoth hunters.

Assignment 2: write a poem.

At last, she is going to meet people of her own kind.
She isn't sure of what she's going to find.
Will they accept her for what she is?
Or will they rather see her dismiss?
A woman whom grown up with the "others"
Why o why can't they see they're like brothers?
At first, great disbelieve of what she is.
But soon many men are willing to kiss.
A great envy among the men occurs.
But they can't see it's her curse.
It's her burden to carry.
Who o who shall I marry?
Then she gives her "heart" to him who is wrong.
But thank god, in the end she is strong.
Opens her heart for which it is meant to be
This is an ending we'll all like too see.
So a new journey begins with this couple.
Let's hope they stay out of trouble.

I think this poem in short tells what the main story is about. This novel is about acceptation, love and self-knowledge. It's heartbreaking that Ayla almost chooses the wrong man, all because of miscommunication and the way Ayla has grown up.

Assignment 3: describe the appearance of three important characters.

Talut: page 15

The fist impression of Talut is that he is enormously. His beard is the color of fire and his hair orange. His neck bulge, his chest could fill out two ordinary men. His massive biceps matched most men's thighs. His face is friendly but can be terrifying when met in anger. He has the attitude of a leader, which he is. Even though his great appearance, when you get to know him better, his kindness will overrule his appearance.

Rydag. Page 26

Rydag is a mix between the flatheads and humans. He isn't all right. His heart isn't doing its work like it's supposed to do. He has a fair skin and dark hair. His eyes are brown and filled with wisdom. He's a young boy who's 6 years old. He hasn't got a neck, at least so it occurs. He has a forward encrusting jaw and pronounced eyebrows. His eyes are filled with desire because this is a child that can't speak and play rough-and-tumble games with other children. He's too frail, too small just too vulnerable for all the fun stuff and that leaves it's mark with this little child.

Ranec: page 29.

Ranec has a brown skin, black tight wiry curls that formed a woolly cap. His eyes are black but sprinkle with delight when he smiles. His teeth are gleaming white. His build is ordinary and he has a normal height. But his appearance looks rather athletic. He has an attitude which is self confident and somehow knows what he wants and if he wants it he'll get it. He's aware of his own appearance and enjoys it.

Assignment 4: what's the worst passage in the book?

At page 358:
Paragraph 5: Ayla wasn't thinking clearly, her mind was muddled from Talut's brew, and there was no question that she was attracted to Ranec, but those weren't the reasons she went with him. She would have gone no matter what. Ayla was brought up the clan. She was taught to comply, without question, with any man who commanded her, who gave her the signal that he desired to copulate with her.

This passage goes on for several pages.

I don't like this passage. Not only because of the detailed description of the sexual deed, but also Ayla goes along with Ranec because of her youth. If she wasn't brought up that way, she would never come along with Ranec and hurt Jondalar. The whole book hangs on this passage. If Ayla didn't copulated with Ranec, the heartache of Jondalar (which goes on the whole book) would be spared.…...

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