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Five Factor Results.

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The purpose of Five Factor Personality Test is the key to unlocking elusive human qualities. It focused on yourself or other as well, and explains the personality theories and ideas. It is developing accurate understanding of your thinking and learning styles theories, and to improve your knowledge of motivation and behavior. Understanding personality types can help you appreciate other, and everyone should be treated with care and respect. It will reveal, the more you understand about personality, the better you can judge what motivates people. The five factors will summarize variety of experience for adventure, experience unpleasant emotion, to be cooperative, to show achievement, and to seek stimulation for others.
The score I received in Extraversion Factor was 31. The score on this proportion is about average. It indicates that I am in between enjoy being with people and lack of social involvement. On the high side of extraversion, I have full of energy. On low side, needed more time alone and less involved in the social activity. I believe the score that I got was somewhat accurate. I tend to like to have the opportunities for a good time. I do agree with this score, because I like to spend time and talk with people so I really like meeting new people. For example, I feel comfortable around other people and I do not talk a lot. I make friends quickly and easily.
The score I received in Agreeableness Factor was 31. The score on this proportion is relatively high. It indicates that I am very friendly, helpful, considerate, and willing to compromise with others. I get along well with others. I will generally assist those who are in need. I believe the score that I got was very accurate. I feel that most people are honest, fair, and have good intentions. I do agree with this score, because I find it relatively easy to relate a certain amount of deception in…...

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