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SCM 5504 – Competitive Advantage

Assignment 12 – Toyota

Marks: 10 Due Date: April 11th, 11:59 pm

Please read the following instructions carefully before starting:

This assignment is to be completed independently by you based on your notes and recall of the site visit this week. You may ask your peers for clarification of the information presented, but aside from that the report must be your own work. The normal policy on plagiarism applies. You must submit your assignment using SafeAssign.

Be sure to focus your report on the question posed in the assignment. No marks are given for a description of the company. That is considered unnecessary background information.

In order to submit the weekly assignment in this course you must have attended the class. Recognizing that illness or other factors may prevent you from attending some site visits, your course grade is based on your best 10 out of 13 or 14 possible assignments (depending on cancellations).

The report must use correct sentence structure and spelling (some point-form is accepted but should be kept minimal). It should be between 200-300 words long, double-spaced, Arial 10-point font.

Late submissions will receive a 1 mark deduction if received before the start of the following site visit or guest presentation. If submitted after that they will not be evaluated and receive a 0 mark.


1. Research the Toyota Production System (TPS) and in your own words provide a brief history of TPS and its primary components. Please ensure you have cited sources used for research.

2. At what locations other than Toyota throughout this course have you seen elements of TPS employed? Explain and describe in…...

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