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First Day

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Professor Benjamini On my first day in this new semester I have realized that sometimes in life some events just happen to make us a better person in the future. I woke up and came to Norwalk Community College and seen something that I thought I would not encounter here. I noticed one of my Muslim friends that were attending this school with me being bullied for his religion and the attire that he had on. Honesty I wasn’t shocked by this only because I have experienced this before. I know that racism takes place all over the world but I just can’t stand it when it takes place in front of me. I stood up for my friend and explained to the bullies why what they were doing was wrong. At the end of the day it was just ignorance and confusion that I had to face but I honestly was really proud to help someone out in the time of need. I honestly don’t know why I’m writing about this but I just feel as if it’s something that I’m a part of. I believe that this school actually provides a strong foundation for a lot of students and things like bullying just ruins everything. In conclusion, I feel like this school is amazing and an event that really moved me is the first day when I actually stood up for something that I believe in. My friend has been thanking me ever since and I have even come to terms with the bullies and try to teach them more about my religion and my point of view on things. I’m actually glad that things worked out because it gave me more experience on life and it has helped me learn and evolve as a…...

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