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1. Do you provide user names and passwords to all levels in E-banking? If yes; how users are titled/named in your e-banking?
2. Do you provide Safeword or Token devices to all levels in E-banking? If yes; how such device(s) are titled/named in your e-banking?
3. How many times the person is allowed to enter wrong PIN in Token or website before it gets blocked?
4. How many minutes will the system take to time out?
5. Is the bank account being controlled by a ceiling or limit of a single transaction?
6. Can a person (in the same level) have access to the accounts designated to him and limits than the other?
7. Can a person (in the same level) have different predefined nature of transaction than the other?
8. Can a person (in the same level or different levels) have different predefined authorization matrix?
9. Can a person (in the same level or different levels) have different predefined beneficiaries?
10. Can each beneficiary have different defined limit in the approval stage?
11. As we understand, to execute a payment transaction, we need to have initiator, verifier and approval. Is this also applied in SADAD payment?
12. In order to set up a SADAD Bill, what is the matrix needed?
13. How many persons can be added in all levels; to initiate, verify and approve the transactions?
14. If the amount transferred through E-banking is above the ceiling limit maintained in the bank, will the bank still call the authorizer to confirm the payment before execution?
15. Can any person act as a super user? (same person initiates, verifies and approves all levels in a transaction process)
16. If we would like to add a beneficiary to an account, what is the process?
17. If we would like to cancel a beneficiary to an account, what is the process?
18. Is there any specific software or hardware needed in order to use your E-banking?
19. What is the set up fee?
20. How much each Safeword/ Token will cost?
21. Is there any monthly fees? If yes, please state how much?
22. Using below diagram, kindly confirm our understanding of the process of making a transaction:

23. We will appreciate if you attach any soft copy of any presentation.…...

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