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1 Introduction
This report will introduce visual communication, which including the importance of visual communication, two information visualization techniques using in pharmacy and evaluate how it works in Takeda company’s annual report.

2 The importance of visual communication
Visual communication makes your words more impressive. • Information transfer – transferring information is one of the most important transactions that happens in our daily business course (Smiciklas 2012). • Engagement – Visualization can help leverage more employees to participate in ideation, problem solving, and so on(Smiciklas 2012)

3 Information visualization techniques in pharmacy
Visualization techniques, such as photographs and cartoons, can help corporate reporting. • Photographs – a large number of pharmaceutical companies are using graphic content to replace more traditional editorial features (Columnfive 2011). • Cartoons – Cartoons embody visualization and allow people sharing ideas and opinions according them, therefore, cartoons are worthy of being using as a business communication tool (Smiciklas 2012).

4 Techniques using in company’s annual report The Takeda Company used many visualization techniques in their annual report, to make their annual report clearer and easier to be accepted by audiences. • The Takeda Company used a lot of photos, such as their products, research and development personnel, to get audiences’ attention • Some cartoons are used in their annual report, showing how their medicine curing people’s disease

5 Conclusion A lot of visualization techniques are used in Takeda Company’s annual report, such as photographs and cartoons. These two techniques play a important part in it

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