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Dear Diary~ July 23, 1942

Today was a very intense day for me. I can't begin to explain the situation I was put into. Myself and my younger brother Joey were playing when we were supposed to be working near our barn this morning when I thought I heard a cry. I ignored it, but it kept coming back. It was so faint that I didn't think anything of it. Maybe it was an animal somewhere, I thought? Anyways, we kept on playing, trying not to get caught because we weren't doing our chores. If we were caught not doing our chores than we would be sent inside to do housework with mom, and everyone knows, housework with mom is torture. Anyways, it was way too nice outside to be stuck inside doing work. It must be in the 90's today. The cry that I was hearing grew louder and louder. The cries turned into sobs and I heard the words mommy and daddy. I then knew, somebody was in the barn. They couldn't have been much older than me by the sound of their voice. Yet I was still scared. This was very unusual. Not everyday do you hear cries coming from your barn. Instead of running to get daddy, I made Joey go in first He's six years old. A year younger than me. I'm a lot braver than him but today think I was a little chicken to find out who was in the barn. To our surprise, a girl to have looked to be about my age, wearing a dirty blue and white striped uniform. She didn"t have any shoes on, her hair was a mess. Dirt had stained her face and her face was as puffy as a balloon. I can tell she had been crying for days and days. She was a skeleton with skin and she had a tattoo running down her forearm. I knew who she was. I knew where she came from, and I knew where she belonged. She must have been no older than five years old . The right thing to do was tell my mom and day and have the authorities come take this little girl back to her proper place. As I do love my, but seeing this little girl in so much pain, broke my heart. Myself being only seven years old knows that someone so small is crying so hard and scared for her life, something isn't right. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I had to do something and my faith was telling me to help this girl, but I didn't want to risk hurting my family or hurting myself. Something deep down kept telling me to save her. At first Joey was going to go tell daddy, But I stopped him and talked him out of it. He is now on my side, and he will help me help her and do what I can to save her. I don't know what I'm going to do yet but I will think of something. I need to think of something quick! I noticed she was holding onto a picture so tight in her hand that the picture was now crumbled up. It was ripped in half but when I asked her what it was of, her cries quieted down as she wiped her nose with her bare arm and said, as she opened it up, it was her mommy, daddy, Hailey and Hope. I guess they were her sisters. I told her that it was almost dinner time for us and that I would bring her out what I could for food for her. She looked grateful that I was helping her and not hurting her. Later that evening I managed to scrape up as much food as I could from dinner time without making it noticeable to mom and dad. I also grabbed a blanket we had in the closet. I grabbed some extra clothes I had and some wet washcloths. When I took the food, blanket, clothes and washcloths out to her, the look on her face was priceless. She ate that food faster than I have ever seen anyone eat anything in my life. She fell right to sleep in the back corner of the barn.

Dear Diary~ July 24, 1942

As soon as I woke up this morning, I had to eat breakfast before I went outside. Joey covered for me as I snuck some more food outside for the little girl. when I got outside to the barn I was a little scared that she wouldn't be there. She was still there fast asleep. It took me maybe 4 minutes to wake her up. When she finally woke up she looked so exhausted, but looked so much better than last night. I gave her some oatmeal and some bread and some milk. She ate it a lot slower than last nights dinner. This gave me time to talk to her. I finally got to ask her name. Mary, she said. I asked her how she got in our barn. She said she snuck out of the line at concentration camps. She said that she saw her dad was taken away from her and her mom and her sisters when they got off the trains and they were separated into groups. When she was taken from her mom and sisters and put into a group of young kids thats when she ran. she saw an opening to run when no one was watching her. She said she doesn't know what happened to her family and she doesn't know if she will ever see them again. I felt so bad for her. I don't know what I would do if I was separated from my family and I didn't know if I would ever see them again. I wish there was something I could do to find her family, but I knew what went on at those camps. Chances were that her family wasn't coming back. I know if I tell my mom and dad that I've been keeping Mary here, they would call the police. I could only manage to get some bread and milk for lunch for Mary. That was better than nothing I guess. She was grateful still.Same with dinner. I could only manage to get some leftovers from last nights dinner and tonight's dinner. When I went inside mom asked me where I was. I said out by the barn. She asked why? I said I wanted fresh air. My mom seemed like she didn't believe me. It started to make me nervous.

Dear Diary~ July 30, 1942

After breakfast this morning I went to grab whatever I could to take out to Mary, when my mom caught me. I have never been more terrified in my entire life. My mom, see, is a very loving, caring woman. I was hoping she would understand and not flip out and call the police without hearing my side and maybe keeping her as part of the family. I told my mom about the morning Joey and I found Mary in the barn crying and how all I wanted to do was help her. I told my mom that I knew what the right thing to do was, but my faith kept telling me to help her. If I was her, I would want to be helped. I wouldn't want to die. Mary didn't want to die. She's too young. She saw her family ripped right from her and all she could do was run and hide. My mom started to seem to understand because she was listening. She wasn't arguing or didn't seem to not want to hear my side of the story. She then said to me, "You sure are my daughter!" She then said "Well, what do you plan do with her?" I told my mom that I was hoping that our family could take her in as our child and not turn her in. We can save her! My mom said something like its dangerous to keep a runaway from the camps. If we get caught with someone, we can all get into a lot of trouble. I had the idea that we can keep her quiet until things settled down a bit. My mom said the biggest hurdle was my dad. He wouldn't go for it. No way. Please try I said, please try.

Dear Diary~ July 31, 1942

I can't believe it! He said no! Mary's been here for seven days and he hasn't even noticed so I don't know why he wont let her stay. He's not being fair to her. Here he is, he can save a life. No one would ever know she wasn't his own child and he is going to have her killed. He can save her life and have another person in the family to work around the house and the yard. This just isn't right. I wont let this be and I'm going to do something about it.

Dear Diary~ August 1, 1942

We had a big family meeting today. It felt like it lasted days and days. My mom had her turn to talk, Joey had his turn to talk, even though he didn't have much to say to help my side because he didn't know what he was really talking about. Then I had my turn to talk. I talked for what seemed like hours. It could've been hours. No one interrupted me. I was very glad. My dad then had his turn to talk. His point were good. They were the same points I had when I had my doubts at first to turn Mary in. He was just being stubborn as to what would happen to her when the police came to take her back. He wasn't thinking. Why should he? Then we brought Mary to the table. It took maybe fifteen long dreadful minutes before daddy's attitude seemed to change. He started thinking out loud of different options we maybe had to keep Mary as one of our own, But it would take a lot of lying. "This might actually work" He said. We don't have much family and the family we do have have very little contact with. Our town is not very large and everybody keeps to themselves. "Mary still young enough to say we've kept her at home most of the time." He wants to sleep on it tonight and he will have an answer tomorrow. Night

Dear Diary~ August 2, 1942

So I woke up anxiously this morning. I woke up Joey up and I ran to the barn to wake up Mary. We were all so excited, We couldn't wait to hear what my dad had to say. We wanted him to say yes. Mom and dad were already in the kitchen having coffee and reading the newspaper. They looked so serious when we walked in. It made us really nervous. Well, me anyways. He started off telling us that if Mary stayed that we would never, ever, ever tell anybody that she ran away from the concentration camp. We knew that we could never tell anyone. Then dad said that Mary could stay. We were so happy. I can tell dad was happy too. It seems to me now that our family is complete now. our family felt complete before, but now it feels whole.…...

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