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Catherine McFarland
Title: Time to Dream America
Topic: To encourage college students to take a course on sleeping to better their future.
Rhetorical Purpose: To persuade
Specific purpose: To persuade the audience that if universities offered a course to allow students to take a nap during the day would be beneficial to their health, education, and is not a waste of money. Truthfully, it is supposed to be a light hearted speech, that would give college students something to think about.
Thesis Statement: Sleep is beneficial to your emotional, cognitive and physical health. I believe that Mizzou and other universities should offer a course in napping to allow students to reap the benefits, to achieve the proper amount of sleep and to become well-rounded members of society. I. INTRODUCTION A) Attention Getter: How many of you are like me, and still driving that old Junker around, or maybe don’t have a car? How many of you would like a nice car someday? Okay. How many of you want a nice house someday? And to go with that nice house, would you like a family to go with it? What about being successful? My friends what we want is that “American Dream.” And how are we supposed to get it if we are not sleeping properly? We are so worried about being successful that we forget think sleep is getting in the day of our lives, but it’s the dismissal of sleep that could be holding us back from achieving all that we want. B) “What’s in it for them: According to the survey I had this class fill out, many of you said you receive 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night, which as you know growing up is the recommended amount. And in case you thought your parents, teachers, friends, dog, or whatever was lying to you, University Health Center of UGA Student Affairs says that, “Most adults need somewhere between 6-10 hours of sleep per night” (University Health Center,…...

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