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Factors Affecting Learning

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Task 3 – Factors That Influence Learning

Positive / Negative factors which I believe can influence the effectiveness of my learning within college environment

* Relationship between teachers and students i) Readiness of students and lecturers

Interaction between the teacher and the student is very important for the effectiveness of my learning because it can enhance transmission of data and problem solving techniques.

Students can have a better understanding in their subjects to achieve higher grades in their examinations and assignments.

Nevertheless, students who are smart able to overwhelm the low-level of communication in asynchronous learning.

* Instructor’s characteristics /
Teacher Quality – Training and Experience

Effective learning can happen as the result of a skillful teacher.

* Teacher must have good organising skills to arrange resources/materials to enable students to learn specific knowledge and skills more effectively.

* Teacher must be knowledgeable in their subject to aid (assist) students with ideas, values and skills to become more effective learners.

* Teacher must have enthusiasm in teachings and excellent presentational skills to allow students to pay more attention and absorb the knowledge better.

* Institutional factors
Infrastructures and facilities should provide convenient and beneficial for students.

-computer lab * non-limited computer capacity & stable internet connection

-library * have variety of books which is enough to be borrowed out * have stable internet connection / reception good for wireless connection.

-laboratory * have all the required laboratory equipment & utensils * have storage area for stocks and flammable materials such as boxes of gloves. * emergency equipment * such as safety showers and fire…...

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