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Cindy Thorn bush are you here? Cindy? Called Madame sortie as she went down the register I heard my name being called both times I just didn’t have the energy to answer I looked my Sunday teacher in the eye and chose to ignore her. I’d never missed a Sunday not even at the times I was ill she knew I was in what’s her problem She knows my mother Marianne Thornbush the biggest Jesus freak of all time she knows I’m here where else would I be my mum’s has a blimin tracking device on me so where could I possibly be! I shouted at myself? What’s this ladies problem I asked myself again? just another human been trying to intervene with my thoughts LEAVE ME ALONE i cried out to myself just to hear and echo repeat to me what I’d just said my games were playing head with me arghhh you see I meant my head is playing games with me my brain was going through a power cut all the light bulbs were of, my heads on standby, my lines been cut of forwards a message after the tone BEEEEEEEEEEP because I’m not BLOODY in! I wish all these bodies around me would just understand this. I could see all these pale faces around me all these little Jesus freaks staring t at me I couldn’t hear them though but actions were louder than words well in this case facial expressions were louder the words because everyone was in shock I hadn’t kept in chorus with everyone else by saying present Madame but rather just ignored her. GO MEE I sniggered The look on Madame sorties face was aghast I could tell what I’d just did was Incredibly rude and so unlike me but i was actually to the point of not caring anymore: sweet innocent little Cindy weren’t so sweet anymore I’d became as bitter as lemon its ashamed they couldn’t understand this. I was on the path of self destruction. I was now a bouncy ball that no longer could bounce WHAT KID ONCE A BOUNCY BALL WITH NO BOUNCE HMMM MAYBE A KID WITH VIVID…...

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