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Experiential Learning in Pennsylvania 4-H Club

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Understanding the Knowledge and Use of Experiential Learning
In Pennsylvania 4-H Clubs
Article Review
Robyn Bechtel, John Ewing, Mark Treeton, and Claudia Mincemoyer
Journal of Extension 2013, 52 (5)1-10

Alice Burchak
Montana State University Northern Introduction
4-H Youth Development relies heavily upon the five steps of the experiential learning model to teach life skills. The five step model is divided into the three phases of Do, Reflect, Apply. For this model to be successful, 4-H adult volunteer leaders need to understand the value and process of the learning model.
Problem Statement
In this study the state staff of the Pennsylvania 4-H program wanted to determine the level of knowledge and usage of the experiential learning model by the adult volunteer leaders and extension educators in the program. The objectives of this study were to: 1.) Describe the demographics of educators and volunteers of the Pennsylvania 4-H program 2.) Explore the perceived knowledge and usage of experiential learning by educators and volunteers. 4.) Determine the difference in perceived knowledge and use of experiential learning between educators and volunteer leaders.
Procedure of Study
Researchers of this study used a survey instrument. Questions on the survey were designed to determine the knowledge and use of the experiential learning model by staff and volunteers. The survey had questions in the format of yes/no, multiple choice, Likert-type items, and open-ended responses.
There were 76 extension educators, due to the small sample size, all educators were asked to participate in the survey. To obtain a sample of volunteers for the survey a proportional stratified random sampling process was used. The overall usable response rate for this survey was 34 % of extension educators and 26.6 % response rate of the volunteer leaders.

Methods of Analysis…...

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