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Advertising Expenses: PartyEye plans on using a couple channels of advertising that will come at cost. One of the methods of advertising PartyEye is planning on doing is newspaper advertisements through local university papers. The average cost per advertisement to do so will come to about $1300 an advertisement for half of a page. In one fiscal year we are planning to have advertised our company through this medium a couple times during the first couple months of each semester as well as every month during the summer break. This will come to a total of $9200. The team will also be using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, online forums, etc. to further increase the awareness. Additionally we will be looking to distribute flyers, business cards and pamphlets at as many functions as possible. The estimated cost of these supplies range from $1500-2000. Due to the nature of our outgoing, determined and outwardly positive nature of this company, we strongly feel these methods are most appropriate and will have the highest degree of effect on our target company.
Operation Expenses: At the moment website development and maintenance are our only viable operation expenses. To purchase the domain name will cost $10, combined with the web hosting and a web server will be another $300 for high bandwidths and an sufficient amount of storage to comply with our users demand. In total the basic setup will only be $3610 as a member of the team will be setting up the database servers and website functions who is not on salary pay. We have prepared to hire a graphics designer if necessary on contract for a budgeted salary value of $20000.
Miscellaneous Expenses: PartyEye is estimating $5000-7000 in miscellaneous expenses to accommodate for any venue/ event necessities that might be requested by the hosts or employers. This is to ensure the…...

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