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Eve Teasing
Eve Teasing is very common. Everyday women come across some form of eve teasing. What should women do? Should they speak up or remain quite? Read on the article and fight back the eve teasers. Women should be empowered to fight back, then only this evil will be weeded out.

Some form of teasing is normal and acceptable between the siblings. Parents should teach children on the receiving end of teasing, to toughen up and cope with the situation themselves. Parents should not mediate in children's matters until absolutely essential. Read on the tips on dealing with teasing.

Though the problem received public and media attention in 1960s,[12][13] it was in the following decades, when more and more women started going out to colleges and work independently, which means they are often no longer accompanied by a male escort as had been a norm in traditional society, that the problem grew to an alarming proportion. to death of a female student, Sarika Shah, in Chennai in 1998, caused by Eve-teasing, brought some tough laws to counter the problem in South India.[17] After this case, there has been about half-a-dozen reports of suicide that have been attributed to pressures caused by eve teasing.[14] In 2007, an eve-teasing resulted in the death of Pearl Gupta, a college student in Delhi. In February 2009, female students from M.S. University (MSU) Vadodara thrashed four young men near the family and community sciences faculty, after they passed lewd comments on a girl student staying in SD Hall hostel.[18]
Many other cases go unreported for fear of reprisals and exposure to public shame. In some cases police let the offenders go, after public humiliation through the murga punishment.[19][20] In 2008, a Delhi court ordered a 19-year-old youth, after he was caught eve-teasing, to distribute 500 handbills, detailing the consequences of…...

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Eve Teasing

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