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“ Case Study” * Question 1: Analyze each year from 2004 to 2006:
The case shows Amazon’s strategy from 2004 to 2006. The year 2003 was the introduction of the new Amazon’s strategic plan. Indeed, from 2001 to 2003 Amazon realized negative income and the economic situation of the company was worrying. Because of the sharing price falling sharply, Amazon had to find an alternative to improve the situation. * Year 2004: adopted a new strategy that was based on innovation. They decided to expand their product range to sell others items and to diversify its offer. Moreover they tried to make their products more affordable thanks to discounts (30% on books over $15) and an additional discount was offered to the customer who used the Amazon’s A9 search engine. This strategy allowed them to make more profits and re-launch the company. Then, they acquired that is website in corporation in order to be more international. Besides, they created more internet domains such as .de that is the denomination of the Deutsch Amazon’s website (internationalization). They innovated thanks to which builds innovative search technologies. diversified its offer by creating two new product categories: beauty and jewellery (75 000 products). There is a large category of prices from cheap to expensive ($13/$93 000). The main objective is to be the single shopping place on the web. The project “Search inside the book” was to make easier the access to books that were previously scanned and offered the biggest database. To finish, established a co-branded credit card with a bank in UK in order to secure the loyalty of customers.
Some problems appeared with numerous breakdowns and litigious actions that made the firm lose thousands of customers. * Year 2005: revenue…...

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