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Draft as of April 5, 2016 Dated back in 1834, the Morse code was invented in which information was sent and received through an electrical instrument, called the telegraph. Then in 1876, Graham Bell invented the telephone, a device in which transmits information through sounds (voices) over long distances. Two decades later Marconi solved the problem for sending information without the wires, and thus radio and television were born. Moving forward to the 20th century, ENIAC, the first possible computer was made. (Chatterjee, 2014) From there, the world tried to merge together these technology to serve as a source of information and mode of communication. Cellular phones, by definition of Merriam Webster, is a small, portable telephone that people can take with them and use outside their homes. Presently, cell phones are much more than that. To the point, individuals take them whenever or wherever. Due to the improvement and development of cell phones it has risen to popularity. Similar to everything else, it has its advantages and drawbacks. As cell phones continue to rise into fame and stay constantly into lives of individuals, it also continues to change the way of living, gradually. Comparing technology from two centuries before and technology today, drastic changes can be seen. Changes that includes the of impact cell phones to the society, which consists of both positive and negative sides. Initially cell phones were invented for the purpose of long distance and instant communication. Succeeding to that, cell phones were improved to be able to capture images and produce sounds of different music. Afterwards cell phones improved even more that it allows one to be able to surf the internet. And now an individual is just a touch towards the world or perhaps a touch away from the world. For instance, the reader of…...

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