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Dear Mr. Sidhu,

Our travel and tourism class wants you to organise a special end of year trip. We all have voted for various destinations. The highest numbers of votes were for Spain. I’m sure that you already know that this special school trip will increase our knowledge. The price for this trip would be a reasonable price. We can use the euro star to travel to Spain because each ticket only costs £25. This is the cheapest and fastest way to reach our destination. Parents would send their children because it costs less than a ski trip because they cost over £500.

The school trip will turnaround our class to ensure that we get the best results in the UK. We may be the school in the UK achieving a pass rate more than 95%; this can make the head teacher proud of you because you’re making everyone reach there maximum potential. Statistics show that the schools that rarely take their students on trips fail. We have records of more than 30% are failing the subject because they aren’t inspired.

Will you make our dream come true? I’m sure that you want us to visit Spain because most of our class haven’t been to a foreign country. This is one and only lifetime chance to go on this school trip, because next year we are all going to different colleges. We will never forget this trip because we will experience all the good stuff and this will make it outstanding. This is the last chance to enjoy ourselves as a class. You can share the inspiration that you took us to a foreign country for a special school trip. All the staff in our school will think that you are the best teacher because you helped us to travel to Spain. You will have something to be proud off for the rest of your life.

When we…...

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