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Chapter 2. Accessing University of Phoenix Courses

2.1 Usable Devices Attending class is easy and convenient. The classrooms are accessible using a PC, iPhone, Mac, or android device. Once you are logged in, there is a choice of classes and links to important sections of each classroom.

2.2 Current Classes The current classes are the default landing page after log in. Access to your current class's materials, discussion, and assignments is available here. The Current Classes tab shows the class(es) you are currently attending. It will show information about the class such as the official name of the class attended at the moment (i.e. ENG/221), the instructor's name and the beginning and ending dates of the class. (See Figure 2.1)


Figure 2.1 Current Classes

2.3 Previous Classes The Previous tab gives access to the previous class. It will show information about the class such as the official name of the class, the instructor's name and the beginning and ending dates of the class. (See Figure 2.2)

NOTE: If the class has ended more than five weeks ago, the only access available is the materials link.

Figure 2.2 Previous Classes

2.4 Future Classes The Future tab shows the next scheduled class, the beginning and ending dates and the instructor's name. (See Figure 2.3) Keep in mind that the instructor's name may not be available until one week before the beginning of the class.

NOTE: If the class is scheduled to begin more than a day or two away, the only access available is the materials link.


Figure 2.3 Future Classes

2.5 Materials, Discussion and Assignments Links The links to the right of each class contain shortcuts to sections of the class shown. (See Figure 2.4) The Materials link leads directly to the course materials and deliverables for each week of the course. The Discussion link leads directly into the classroom and the Assignments link leads to the section of the class where all assignments are submitted to the instructor.


Figure 2.4 Materials, Discussion and Assignments Links…...

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