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y=f(x)= _1_ x



y=h(x) = ln (x+2)




28. y=f(x) =lnx2




Domain: (-1,∞)


























B. Convert the following data using converters and other web calculators.
1. 176 centimeter = 69.291 338 583 inch
2.153 meter = 0.095 069 792 412 mile
3. 176 kilometer = 577 427.821 52 feet
4. 2 387 kilometer = 1 483.213 035 9 mile
5. 35 degree Celsius = 95 degree Fahrenheit
6. -40 degree Celsius = -40 degree Fahrenheit
7. 35 degree Fahrenheit = 1.6666667 degree Celsius
8. 135 inch = 3.429 meter
9. 35 yard = 32.004 meter
10. 35 degree Celsius = 308.15 kelvin
11. -40 degree Celsius = 233.15 kelvin
12. 35 degree Fahrenheit = 274.8166667 kelvin
13. 135 kelvin = -216.67 degree Fahrenheit
14. 200 kelvin = -73.15 degree Celsius
15. 25 mile/hour (mph) = 11.176 meter/second
16. 10 025 mile/hour (mph) = 4 481.576 meter/second

17. 100 123 456 mile/second = 580 079 099 420 000 meter/hour
18. P657= $15.7111
19.$10,345 = P430,254
20.$ 12, 345 = euro 10,059.2
21.What day of the week is September 9,1999?= Thursday
22.What day of the week is September 29,1950?= Friday
23.What of the week is April 22,1982?= Thursday
24.What day of the week is October 10,1980?= Friday
25.What day of the week was the 9-11 terrorist attack?= Tuesday
26.Roman numeral of 1975= MCMLXXV
27. 5 years old= 0.48 dog years
28. 9 month dog = 7.88 years old
29.2 years old…...

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