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Effect of Culture on Communication

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Experiential Analysis

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A successful organisation is built on the communication that develops between its constituents (Dietz & Den Hartog 2006). Encouraging efficient communication within any organisation can prove a difficult task, especially when faced with the complexity of a diverse workforce.

The organisation being considered is a small accounting company (‘The Company’) located in Zimbabwe, South Africa. Due to its ‘multiplicity of traditions and skin tones’ (Brand South Africa 2011), South Africa has been portrayed as a ‘Rainbow Nation’ since the end of the Apartheid era. When diversity is not managed and monitored carefully, differences can lead to highly counter-productive communication dilemmas. Two fundamental aspects of diversity will be discussed:

Firstly, cultural differences are common throughout The Company and have proven to be an issue of emotional and economic importance. Five of Hofstede’s (1994) dimensions of culture can be used to explain the reluctance of employees from different countries to effortlessly integrate their personalities and ideas within The Company. Power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity and long-term orientation will be analysed in terms of their affect on interpersonal communication between culturally diverse employees.

Secondly, another feature of diversification within The Company is the range of conflicting generational profiles. A generational gap that has formed between employees and managers within the organisation is a further source of interpersonal communication issues that hinder organisational efficiency.

This reflective essay will analyse my personal…...

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