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The concept of workers’ right is fundamental to American freedom, but it has changed over time. By the winter of 1932-33, the economy was so bad that the unemployment rate hit the 25 percent mark. During this time, labors could not afford to pay their dues. So, workers decided to form many unions, which attempted to challenge the power of business and government. In 1933 and 1934, a great wave of strikes occurred across the nation. Strikes are organized events in which workers stop production and refuse to return to their jobs until their demands are met. The most popular strike demands have historically been higher wages, shorter hours or safer working conditions. Strikes have been occurring in America since the Revolutionary era, but became increasingly prevalent during the Industrial Revolution., these working people struggled for a long period of time and it was time for them to take a stand. But Employers hired the strike breakers and governors called in the National Guard to defeat strikes. The violence occurred between workers trying to form unions and the National Guard and private security defends the interests of employers. Because of workers effort and insistence, President Franklin approved the right of workers to organize when he signed the National Labor Relations Act in 1935. The worker has more powers and rights form this law. The employees covered by NLRA are protected from certain type of employer and union misconduct, and creating a compact between workers and employers. Without the workers form unions, the American’s working system would not be what it is today.…...

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