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Donner Company Case Analysis

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Donner Company - Operations Analysis

Contents Objective 2 Business Context of Donner Company 2 Problem statement 2 Process Flow Diagram 2 Organization Structure 3 Situation analysis 4 Alternates before Donner 4 Recommendations 4 Exhibits 4


The objective of the assignment is to analyze the operations of Donner Company, to find out the problems faced by the company and give recommendations addressing these problems Business Context of Donner Company

* Donner Company, founded in 1985, manufactured printed circuit boards to the specifications of a variety of electronics manufacturers competing with approx. 750 printed circuit board manufacturers in the country. * President of Donner Company, Edward Plummer was concerned about productivity, quality and delivery problems as the current difficulties which the company faced.

Problem statement 1. Draw the process flow diagram for a normal order that goes through the production system at Donner. 2. What orders [by way of batch size] would you schedule on the CNC drill? On the CNC router? 3. What is the capacity of the Dry Film Photoresist area? How does capacity change with order size? 4. What is the standard labor time for an order of one board? 8 boards? 200 boards? 5. What are the problems faced by Donner? 6. What are your recommendations to address these problems?

Process Flow Diagram

Organization Structure

Situation analysis

1. Production Bottlenecks at two places of flow diagram: a. Drilling operation b. Profiling operation 2. Decision between using Press punch or CNC router for fabrication. 3. Decision between using manual drill or CNC drill for image transfer. 4. Reducing REWORK by minimizing returns due to missed or incomplete operations

Alternates before Donner




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