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This chapter gives an overview on the background of the study and problems encountered by the business in their existing sales, inventory, and payment monitoring system.
Project Context MMTEE Agricultural Supply starts from a small family business of shoe store named Golden Bazaar. The said store was started by Mr. Manuel Tee’s mother in the late 1960’s. During those time the store did not deemed to achieve success and lead to loss of profit. So the family decided to start a new business which sells fried peanuts in the market and again it is not enough to sustain the family’s daily needs. Mr. Manuel Tee’s mother shifted the business into a rice retailing store in the year 1970’s with a Php. 60,000 capital. Later on the business was passed to Mr. Tee and decided to add agricultural feeds.
On the present day Mr. Tee’s business focuses on agricultural supplies and is located at Guadalupe Subd., Lipa City that supplies products such as flour, rice, chicken and pig feeds and other business’ products to different areas in the Province of Batangas. MMTEE Agricultural Supply has formed contracts with multi-national companies to supply his business with products such as Purina and the likes of Thunderbird. The business has a monthly revenue not smaller than 10 million pesos and has uncollected debts worth of 1 million pesos. Having four other stores around Batangas province it is very hard to supervise the transaction of each store.
But despite of all the huge numbers the business is earning, there’s also instances of shortcomings such as unmonitored report of sales and bad debts, unorganized billing of bulk orders and unsecured storage of data.
Data is gold when it comes to business, every future of businesses rely on the data especially in decision making process. Some businesses operate in the same way that they always have and some businesses now collect and examine the data that are available. Huge industries are now integrating data-driven algorithmic recommendations into their decision-making processes and this is called business analytics.
Analytics is defined as the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management to drive decision making. It is all about providing business users with better insights, particularly from operational data stored in transactional systems. With analytics data collected and stored can be used effectively by analyzing and integrating all information gathered to formulate fact-based smart decisions for the better forthcoming of the business.
Purpose and Description MMTEE Agricultural Supply encountered problems on keeping track of inventory and monitoring customer debts which reflects greatly in their income. The proponents come up with a purpose on making an inventory system that shall view a complete list of items such as available products in stock, pending orders from the business suppliers and out of stock products. The inventory system will accurately be counted and valued at the end of each accounting period to determine a company's profit or loss. The purpose of this study is to provide a solution by developing a computer-based system that will assist in managing and tracking the inventory and monitoring customer debts which reflects greatly in their financial breakdown. The computer-based system involves recording the current stock of items or merchandise of the business. By enhancing and utilizing the transaction system, all data gathered are stored inside a database where previous business operations and sales are monitored and with the data congregated and analyzed by the system, it generates a summary report for future reference to make proper business decisions and strategies.
Objectives of the study
This project aims to develop a Supply and Demand Analytics System for MMTEE Agricultural supply. In order to accomplish the general objective of this study, the following specific objectives were followed: 1. To create a computerized inventory system and to monitor product shelf life. 2. To generate monthly and annual reports of business transactions. 3. To consolidate the management of business data.
Scope and Limitations
This study covers the MMTEE Agricultural Supply business’ transactions, product’s inventory and sales report that includes expenses to compute the profit. With this, the problems on stocks, sales and unrecognized debts shall be monitored and the time consumed in using manual process such as keeping track of the inventory, billing and book keeping the business is currently suffering from will be reduced. Time consuming process includes report generation and manually writing data entries on products, stocks and unpaid debts. The system shall enable the user to add and update records on product inventory needed in the operations. Other processes like the business’ transactions are entered directly into the database and shall be brought into the sales report. Using business analytics in this study, reports generated from the sales and transactions are recorded like which products are mostly brought within a particular season or date, this would lead to a predictive analytics. The business encounters problems on its suppliers because when a particular season comes, number of products can get out of stock and leads to loss of the business. Descriptive analytics would help the business to strategically raise the number of stocks when that particular season or date hit the calendar. Monitoring this shall make the business decide on futuristic outcomes and would enable the business to gain more profit.
Definition of Terms
To further understand the study, some important terms are conceptually and operationally defined.
Computer system administrator. A person whose job is to manage a company, school, and other organizations. The job of computer system administrator is to install, maintain, and support an organization's information technology systems.
Database. A database is a large collection of data organized especially for rapid search and retrieval. Most databases contain multiple tables, which includes several different fields.
Inventory. A detailed, itemized list, report or record of things in one’s possession, specially a periodic survey of all goods and materials in stocks. In this study the inventory is the record of agricultural supplies on hand that are stored in a place.
Profit. A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.
Loss. The fact or process of losing something or someone. In this study, it is an amount of money lost by a business or organization.
Sales. A transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods (tangible or intangible), services and/or assets in exchange for money.…...

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