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Email Platform
This question is going to analyse email marketing platform. Email marketing is a way of direct marketing to a group of people that are ether potential customers or who are already customers but looking to gain more attention to generate potential sale growth. “Opt-in is the key to successful email marketing” (Chaffey, Dave, p.400) The bulk of emails is sent to customers every day to get a possible sale.

The main features of email marketing are very often discounts or coupons given by companies for subscribing on their website. For example company called My Uni Days is supplying students with latest discounts in different stores. However they are sending emails quite too often and in the result of that, students might not pay attention to them.

Emails received, as an advert looks mostly very simple with big pictures to gain customers attention to a new product or service that company want them to buy. Having a big picture included in the email will gain customers attention and attract them to click on the button “To find out more, click here”. For example website called Low Cost Holidays will supply their customers with daily emails with big pictures of empty beaches and blue sea and no prices included in the email. Having no prices will encourage people to go on their website and check, which will be a one step closer to buy holidays and gain profits.

Emails are made to be very easy to navigate through them in terms of finding things that customers needs. For example all the contacts necessary are always supplied on the bottom of the email, which is natural for websites as well, so customers will instinctively know where to look. Emails can be viewed on different platforms therefore limited content is given so it will be easy to see the main message of the email.

In any marketing platforms there are benefits and drawback for the…...

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