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Distribution, Food Preference, and Maturity Level of Mawik (Emerita Analoga) in the Shoreline of Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines

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Jamie Sin Reyes Muyana
March 2013
Chapter 1
Introduction of the Study

Chapter One is divided into five parts: (1) Background of the Study and Theoretical Framework of the Study, (2) Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, (3) Significance of the Study, (4) Definition of Terms and, (5) Delimitation of the Study. Part One, Background and Theoretical Framework of the Study, presents the rationale and reason why the study is being conducted. Likewise, it describes the theoretical basis of the study and conceptual framework. Part Two, Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, describes the general goal of the study and specific questions to be answered in the study with corresponding benefits that they can derived from the result of the study. Part Three, Significance of the Study, enumerates the beneficiaries and the corresponding benefits that they can derived from the result of the study.

Chapter 2
Related Literature

Chapter Two is divided into five parts: (1) Mawik, (2) Shoreline of Miagao, (3) Distribution of Mawik, (4) Biology of Mawik, and (5) Summary. Part One, Mawik, this is the part where the characteristics, uses and importance of Mawik as a marine crustacean will be presented. Part Two, Distribution of Mawik, this part talks about the techniques use to know the distribution of Mawik, the distribution in a certain area, and the rate between male and female Mawik. Part Three, Characteristics of Mawik, This is all about the reproduction, food preferences, level of maturity, role in the shorelines, and reactions to a stimuli of a Mawik. Part Four, Shoreline of Miagao, this part presents all about the nature or characteristics of the shoreline of Miagao and its capability of producing Mawik. Part Five, Summary, gives the list of important concepts discussed in the chapter in relation to Mawik and its behavior.


Emerita analoga, the Pacific sand crab or Pacific mole crab, is a species of small, sand-burrowing decapod crustacean found living in the swash zone along the temperate western coasts of America (Monterey Bay Aquarium, 2012).

Chapter 3

Chapter Three consists of two parts: (1) Materials and (2) Data Gathering and Procedure. Part One, Materials, enumerates the materials that were utilized in the study. Part Two, Data Gathering and Procedure, enumerates and specifies the procedure that was used in the conduct of the study.


1m x 1m square wood device was used to measure the target area in the conduct of the study. Baits were used in catching “Mawik” and enabled them to go out of their hiding place. Worms and fish were used as baits. These served as a medium in determining their food preference. “Mawik” are the target population of the study. Sediment samples referred to as sandy, rocky and muddy soil taken from the target shoreline which was used in identifying their preferred habitat. Thermometer was used to monitor the temperature of the surroundings. 70% solution of alcohol was used to preserve the “Mawik” after it was caught from the shoreline and before it was brought to the laboratory.
Chapter 4
Results and Discussion

This chapter deals with the results and discussion of data gathered during the study. For the characteristics of Mawik (Emerita analoga) in terms of its preferred habitat, feeding preferences, reproductive status and maturity level in three locations in Miagao, Iloilo. It is d divided into two parts: (1) Descriptive Data Analysis, and (2) Inferential Data Analysis. Part One, the Descriptive Data Analysis, interpret the outcome of the results which are descriptive in nature. Part Two, the Inferential Data Analysis, presents the interpretation of data to test the hypotheses of the study.

Chapter 5
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

Chapter 5 consists of three parts (1) Summary, (2) Conclusion and (3) Recommendations. Part One, Summary, states the purpose of the investigation and its specific questions, the subject, place and date of the study, materials, statistical tool and the findings of the study. Part Two, Conclusion, presents the interferences drawn from the results of the study. Part Three, Recommendations, offers some practical and theoretical improvements that contribute to the field.


This study determined the food preference, distribution and maturity level of “Mawik” (Emerita analoga) in the shorelines of Miagao, Iloilo. Specifically, it aimed to answer the question, 1. What are the characteristics of “Mawik” in terms of its preferred habitat, feeding preferences and maturity level in three locations in Miagao, Iloilo? The study was conducted last May 1-31, 2012 in brangays; Igtuba, Mambatad and Guibongan. Statistical tool used is the chi- square test. The findings showed that there is a significant difference between preferred habitat of Mawik.

Based on the findings, the following conclusions were made: 1. The preferred habitat of “Mawik” can be determined by its distribution on a certain area and each area or sediment is composed of different particle sizes and these contribute to the abundance of “Mawik” on a certain area or sediment. This study showed that the preferred habitat of “Mawik” is in the sandy type of a sediment. 2. Feeding preference of “Mawik” was obtained through the bait used which is spoiled fish and worms. It showed that this crustacean prefers the worms instead of a spoiled fish, because of the number of “Mawik” caught using the given baits. 3. Maturity level of “Mawik” was based on its bio- characteristics and gonad analysis. It showed that the maturity level of male and female “Mawik” differs from each other. Most of the female “Mawik” caught was mature and less mature male “Mawik”. 4. The distribution of male and female “Mawik” in the sandy area also differs. With a total of 50 “Mawik” caught, 35 was female and 15 was male. It showed that female is more abundant than male and it also showed that the distribution of male and female “Mawik” in a certain area is different or are not equal. 5. In terms of the bio- characteristics of this crustacean, it can be said that its size (length and width) varies directly or proportionally to its weight.

List of References

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