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Discuss the Advantages of Replacing the Current System of Voting in the Uk.

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Discuss the advantages for replacing the current system for electing MPs with another one.
There are two main types of electoral systems in the UK. They are First Past the Post (FPTP) and Proportional Representation (PR)
First Past the Post is the voting system used to elect MPs to 'seats' in Parliament. In this system 'winner takes all' and the system also usually gives a clear majority both in a constituency or at national level. This means that a candidate in a constituency only needs one more vote than the nearest rival to win the seat. This is similar to political parties in general elections as they only need to win one more seat in the House of Commons to have a majority.
The advantages of using FTPT is there is very little chance of extremist parties being elected to Parliament under because they are unlikely to gain enough votes to come into power in any one constituency. Also, generally the results of elections using FPTP can be calculated quickly. So, this makes it easier to transfer power to another party if it becomes necessary.
One of the main criticisms of FPTP is that the number of votes for a party in general elections is not accurately shown in the number of seats won. An example of this could be the 1997 election when the Conservatives gained 18% of the vote in Scotland but not one but didn’t win a seat. This is can be seen at constituency level, where the winning candidate may have only received one third of the votes cast. So, a government could be elected on a minority vote. This happened in 1974 when Labour won the general election on the number of seats they gained but the Conservatives had a larger share of the vote across the country. This would show poor representation of the population in the government that was formed.
Another criticism could be that, smaller parties are not fairly treated under FPTP. Although they may have large…...

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