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BA 2196: Business Communications Syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Larry Bailis Email:
Office: Speakman 208K Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 4:30 – 5:30, or by appointment

Course Objectives
You will learn useful and relevant business communication skills, including: * how to write clearly and how to effectively edit your own writing * how to target a results-oriented business audience using business documents, websites, and correspondence * how to formulate reasoned oral arguments and enhance your presentations * strategies to enhance critical thinking and analytical skills
The Fox School understands that our graduates must meet the highest standards in these skills, and this course will be demanding.

Fox BBA Learning Goals
Business Communications supports the following Fox Bachelor of Business Administration Learning Goals:

1. Apply critical thinking to business problems a. Use cross-disciplinary knowledge to identify problems and their causes, generate alternative solutions, and arrive at reasoned conclusions.
2. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication a. Formulate reasoned arguments orally. b. Formulate reasoned arguments in written communication. c. Apply team-work and communication skills to present and support conclusions.
3. Understand the ethical, legal, and social responsibilities of individuals and organizations. a. Understand ethical issues. b. Assess the impact of managers and employees as agents, including the impact of their decisions on the organization, its stockholders, its employees, its customers and the community-at-large.

Course Materials
Most materials will be provided on Blackboard, but the following are recommended, especially for your grammar quizzes.
Recommended texts and free online resources * The Business Writer’s Handbook by…...

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