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Deep Smarts

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Deep Smarts


Who is he?

Another Situation
Complex Situation Others could not diagnose

Good Judgment

Rapid Decision

Is he Smart? Is he an emotional intelligent? Is he brilliant?

Who is he?

“Deep Smart” Smart”

“Go To People”
Dorothy Leonard & Walter Swap


William J. Abernathy Professor of Business Administration Emerita Harvard Business School

Professor of Psychology emeritus and former Chairman of the Psychology Department of Tufts University

Author: Dorothy Leonard
• • • • William J. Abernathy Professor of Business Administration Emerita, joined the Harvard faculty in 1983 3 yrs of teaching at the Sloan School of Management, MIT Has taught MBA courses in managerial leadership, corporate capabilities, new product and process design, technology strategy and innovation management Also served as a Director of Research for the Harvard Business School and Director Journals Published of Research and Knowledge Programs for Harvard Business School's non-profit 36 organization, HBS Interactive Education Chapter Written
– – – – M. A. Ph.D. M.A. B.A. Harvard University (Honorary), 1992 Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1979 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1968 Principia College, Elsah, IL, summa cum laude, 1963


• •

Served as Board of Directors in
– – American Mgmt Systems, Fairfax, VA – 1992-2004 Gannett Communications, 1997-99

Been in Advisory Boards of
– – – – – Prod Dev & Mgmt Association – 2002-Present Creative Realities – 2004-Present Ash Foundation – 2004-Present Daimler-Chrysler, Stuttgart, Germany – 1999-2001 ViOS – 1999-2000 & Nordia – 1999-2001

Author: Walter Swap
• • • • • Professor of Psychology Emeritus Former chairman of the Psychology Department of Tufts University Was also a professor of Gordon institute at Tufts- offers degree of engineering management at…...

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