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Kava is an island in the South Pacific. Kava had had disasters that have brought one

disaster from another. This country is in need of some help that will assist the country in

cleaning up and bring it recovery. Kava resources are petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices,

bananas, sugar, fishing, natural gas, and inexpensive labor.

Bass Pro Shop is considering in building major stores in Kava. By building stores in

Kava this will give the people of Kava job opportunities. This will also give travelers a

chance to purchase fishing equipment which will allow them to enjoy Kava and fish on

the island. Bass Pro also sells many other items like boats, equipment, and hunting


Bass Pro will plan aid to Kava with relief efforts when they are faced with natural

disasters. Bass Pro has a couple of plans on ways to give back to Kava, as well as

improving the company itself.

One thing that Bass Pro would start with is doing a survey. This survey would collect

research from all the people who live in Kava on what the needs and thoughts are of the

general public. All this information would need to be gathered to see if this is something

that the public would like.

In these issues Bass Pro would need to come up with a plan. The first issue would be

is this something that is going to benefit the company as well as the general public in

Kava. The goal would to be building a Bass Pro shop and assist Kava in the clean up.

By building the shop in Kava this would give employment to many people on the island

as well as bring fisherman to the island.

Some of the problems that will be involved in this is if the general public did not want

a Bass Pro shop built here. Another problem that will arise is the company may put some

local business people out of…...

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