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Dan Form Holding Company Limited

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Company’s Background
History & Business Development
Dan Form Holding Company Limited (Dan Form) is established and listed the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1973 (Stock Code is 0271). It has been under Dan Form International Limited since 1994. It creates business in Hong Kong and China. It also mainly engages in 3 types of business which are property investment and development, estate management and investment holding. Dan Form invests the Red Hill at Tai Tam and Harbour Crystal Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong; invests Dao Yao Building and the Xidan project at Beijing.
The Board of Directors
The BOD includes Mr.Dai Xiaoming, Hiu King Kon, Nai Chau Leung, Xiang Bing and Edward Shen. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dan Form is Mr. Dai Xiaoming; the Non-executive Director is Mr. Hui King Kon and the others are Independent Non-Executive Directors.
Mr. Dai Xiaoming is an individual shareholder who holds the most number of common stock which is 452,892,969 and has 36.31% of the issued share capital in Dan Form. The largest linking shareholders include The Estate of Nina KUNG also known as Nina T.H. Wang, Greenwood International Limited and Talbot Investments Limited. They hold 575,979,132 of common stock and 46.18% of the issued share capital in total (see appendix 1).
Related stock
It has been claimed that Dan Form Holdings is one of the related stock of Chinachem group. The fluctuation of Dan Form Holdings’ stock price seems related to Chinachem’s stock price. The Chinachem Group is one of Hong Kong’s popular property developers. Since 1960s, the Group shifted its focus to the development of Hong Kong. It tends to focus on property development and provide luxury housing units to people.

Stock price and its business
The recent stock price is $1.18 per share. Within one month, the highest price is $1.31 per share and the…...

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