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There have been many views on the usage of sustainable tourism and what it constitutes. Some researchers are skeptical as to whether organizations promote this term for areas that are actually ‘sustainable’, or as Lansing suggests, “an unethical claim and consequently false advertising”. (Lansing, pg. 77). There are many areas or regions that have been scooped up as projects to preserve the wildlife and lands. One project that this essay will focus on is the Damaraland Camp in North West Nambia. As discussed in the assigned reading, The Damaraland Camp was built in 1996 and a partnership was later formed with both the locals and the Wilderness Safaris Namibia. (WTO, pg. 1). The idea of the project was to not only help the locals financially by bringing in tourism to the area, but to also educate them on the subject of tourism and to further create jobs. The project was also created to help protect and increase numbers in the wildlife of the region. According to the World Tourism Organization there are three developmental requirements that this essay will look at in regards to the Damaraland Camp project. First, sustainable tourism conserving the regions natural biodiversity and heritage, second is the respect for the local communities which would include, keeping up their traditional values, ideals, and living conditions. Finally the last requirement suggests that those a part of the local communities who both are employed or are collecting income are getting a ‘fair share’ from the revenues. The project must also be assisting in any poverty situations within the region. It was mentioned earlier on during the agreements of the project, that both companies involved in the funding of the project and the local members of the community had issues in communication. Never had the community ever encountered such a large scale project, in regards to tourism,…...

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