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D1: Make Realistic Recommendations for Minimising Negative on the Individuals in Specific Health and Social Setting.

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P3 Explain possible influences on dietary intake
There are many influences that may affect an individual and their diet. There are various amounts of factors that may affect an individual factors such as medical disorders, personal preference, lifestyle and socio-cultural factors.

There are many underlying health conditions that result in an individual having to alternate their dietary intake. It’s always important that an individual eats healthy, but because of not being able to eat certain foods because of medical disorders eating balanced and even healthy becomes more complicated. An individual can be having a medical disorder that can determine their diet; this could be anything from allergies and intolerance. For example, person that is lactose intolerant will not be able to eat dairy products as this can skill up reactions in which they can be prevented. There will be a person that is lactose intolerant will be deficient in calcium. They are not receiving enough calcium in order for their bones to keep strong.

Medical disorders – Anorexia nervosa
Dahlia smith is 19 years old female experiencing anorexia nervosa, was admitted to a mental health centre inpatient unit weighing 60lb with liver, kidney and pancreases damaged. Dahlia was hospitalized for 59 days. All privileges had to be earned. Access to food was controlled by the staff. For pounds gained privileges were arranged, for pound lost privileges were shortened. Dahlia eating behaviour was viewed as an unconscious spite and revenge reaction towards her parents as well as an attempt to draw attention. At the time of discharge Dahlia weighed 104.5lb. Prior to discharge dahlia agreed that if her weight dropped below 100lb she would return for readmission. Five months later dahlia weight steadied between 102 and 104lb, two years later dahlia weight remains at that level.

Anorexia nervosa is an…...

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