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Sl. No. 1. 2. Executive Summary Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 - Financing Healthcare for the Aged The aged in India—National Policy for the aged--Policy framework for reforms in Health in India— Health of the ageing population in India—Provision of healthcare: Access and Service quality— Financing of Health in India: Public and Private expenditure — Need for financial protection. Chapter 3 – Health Insurance in India Development of Insurance in India—Evolution of Health Insurance in India— Current Perspective. Chapter 4 – Need For Reforms In Health Insurance Existing Regulatory provisions- Need for Reforms from the Senior Citizens’ perspective Chapter 5 - Access To Health Insurance For Senior Citizens Products currently available for Senior Citizens—Underwriting practices of insurers—Affordability and accessibility Chapter 6- Product Design Proper product design—Design mechanisms: Insured persons; Providers; Insurers --- Basic, Standard, Enhanced products—Policy clauses—Health Insurance data—The ‘age’ factor— Overseas Travel Insurance— Government Subsidized and Low Cost Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens---Recommendations. Chapter 7– Risk Based Underwriting And Pricing Pricing adequacy and equity—Pricing of the mandatory cover for Senior Citizens—Underwriting based on health status-Affordability -Recommendations. Chapter 8 - Expanding The Coverage Of Health Insurance Socio-economic scenario in India—Penetration of Health Insurance in India—Health insurance for the elderly—Reaching out to Senior Citizens; Reaching the Elderly through Family clinicsRecommendations. Chapter 9 - Procedural Aspects Chapter 10 - Government Intervention Chapter 11 - Role Of Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority Chapter 12 – Summary of Recommendations Chapter 13 - Terms Of Reference (TOR) And Methodology Adopted By The Committee Acknowledgements and List of…...

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