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Cultivating Trust

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Personal Worksheet: Cultivating Trust

What situation are you facing and what do you want to achieve? Right now the situation I am facing that requires a level of trust among individuals is working on my Business Plan Team Project. Our BPTP requires us to work in a team and therefore trust one another to honor commitments, and to be honest, and fair. The task at hand for me is to be an effective and valuable group member. Cultivating trust among members of the team is a vital aspect of effective teamwork. What we hope to achieve in working on this project is a group dynamic that allows us to work effectively as a team and develop a business plan of which we can all be proud. If the team is able to trust one another, that will help in achieving this goal. What are the important features of this situation that need to be considered to ensure success? The important features that need to be considered in this situation in order to ensure success are, firstly, the individual goals of each member of the team. The team must have one common goal to work towards in order to work effectively. If different team members have different goals, this will hinder the team’s ability to work together efficiently. For example, our team shares this common goal: the desire to develop a product that we all stand behind. Another goal we share is: to present a product that we have all worked towards developing to the best of our ability. Sharing these goals helps team members trust one another. If team members have conflicting goals this destroys trust within the team. Another important feature that needs to be considered in this situation is the attitudes of each team member. If a certain team member has a negative attitude, this can bring down the morale of the team. Furthermore, if this team member exhibits a bad attitude, this will push the other members of the team to lose trust in said member. All team members must keep in mind that in order to cultivate trust among the team it is important to be honest, empathetic, and fair. Displaying these characteristics will help to improve the moral of the team and cultivate trust among members. What is your action plan? The action plan that I will implement that will help me be an effective and valuable team member is as follows. Firstly, I plan to honour all commitments that I make to my team. In doing so, not only will I be a valued team member who makes significant contributions but I will also gain the trust of my fellow team members. If I show my team members that I will stand by and honour my commitments, there is no doubt that I will gain their trust.

In addition, I plan to be empathetic and respectful. I will always respect the ideas of others, even if I do not agree with them. In the event that I do not agree with another team member’s idea I will express this diplomatically and respectfully.

Name: Michelle Circosta Student Identification Number: 211022043 I also plan to be honest and open. Honesty is an important aspect of a good team dynamic. A team in which the members trust one another will have the ability to share ideas honestly among themselves. This is a valuable attribute for team. If I implement this plan I feel that there is no doubt that I will be an effective and valuable member of my BPTP team. Furthermore, by implementing this plan not only will I become a valued team player but I will also aid in cultivating trust among team members, which will contribute to the overall morale and effectiveness of our team.…...

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