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Creative Use of Techniques Usually Associated with Fiction

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Creative use of Techniques usually Associated with Fiction
In both the two articles, the authors employ creative nonfiction to discuss the death of Aiyana and the rape of Officer Blumer. The situations in both the articles are real occurrence, but the storyline appears as an imaginary plot. Ultimately, the two essays convey the information in a way that makes it appear as fiction. The paper seeks to identify the creative use of techniques usually associated with fiction that are involved in the story development of these two articles. Some of these techniques include the use of subjective, personal voice, the development of strong characters and the creation of tension and suspense.
In both the two articles, the authors use subjective journalism where they involve their views into conveying the reality in a way that they want to manipulate the readers. In an article by Sabrina Rubin, the author describes how Rebecca Blumer was raped by three army men. The military officers did not treat this case kindly as they discouraged her from asking for a rape kit and failed to collect forensic evidence. Finally, her skyrocketing military job came to an end. Although it may be a factual narrative, the author reports only one side of the story; about the military’s culture of rape. Consequently, Rebecca allegations could have been a hoax. On the other hand, Charlie, the author of “What Killed Jones?” is also subjective especially where he blames abject poverty on the death of a young girl. He describes the life of Detroit and uses statistics to persuade the reader to agree that that “one death” was a reflection of unsolved homicides.
Another technique that the authors employ is the use of the persona voice in both articles to establish the predicaments from the emotions of the people that encountered it. Sabrina disguises as the persona of the person being interviewed to show the dilemma in which Rebecca was. Sabrina reports the military culture of rape, defiance and cover-up as if it was him who went through it. At the end of the article, the author says that he loved everything about military, but now hates it. This statement shows that Sabrina puts his personality in the shoes of Rebecca and takes the objectiveness out of a journalistic process in order to reflect military culture in real life. As well, Charlie impersonates himself to a voice that was present during the death of Aiyana. For instance, he reports that the seven-year-old girl was sleeping on her couch while her grandmother was watching the television when an officer shot her. The aspect of narrating a story from an impersonated voice stretches the idea of fiction facts to that of reality in creative narratives. Consequently, readers feel that the presence of the persona voice in the dilemma is an evidence of a real topic. Both the two authors describe the scenes in the two narratives rather than using the elements of full dialogue. For instance, Charlie does not involve the voice of Rebecca, and instead narrates how she felt when she woke up while in jail. Thus, the authors present the story from their point of view.
In the two articles, the creation of tension and suspense makes the story to appear as fiction. However, these are elements that the authors employ to report factual happening. In the story of the rape of officer Blumer, it starts in a circumstance where she is freezing and naked. After this scene, the story develops into another revelation where the reader realizes that she was raped. Throughout the storyline, several episodes develop, which increases the readers’ urge of knowing what will happen afterward. As well, the story creates nervousness. For example, while she was in jail, she yelled and fought with cops such that she sustained swollen jaw and bruises. On the other hand, Charlie steals the readers’ attention in describing the scene where Aiyana was killed. For example, “the weapon released a bullet, which struck Aiyana on her head and exited through her neck.” The author uses such statements to create apprehension in the readers so that they seek to know the cause of the shooting, as well as the people behind it. Moreover, the two articles portray both Blumer and Aiyana as strong characters. For example, readers sympathize with Blumer for the tragedy she has undergone, as well as mourn the death of Aiyana. The use of emotional connection to display main characters is an element that helps the author to put creative work in their nonfiction story.
In conclusion, despite use of creative techniques associated with fiction in literary journalism, it is not fiction. The authors describe the happening of the scenes rather than involving accurate dialogue that took place, which makes their work appear unreal. This paper has shown how the two authors use the creative techniques to report about the rape case of a military officer and the death of a young girl. Readers feel that what is happening is like an imaginary thing, and yet it is a real situation that occurred.…...

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