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Countrywide Ban Needed

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CountryWide Ban Needed

In today's modern society, almost everyone owns a cell phone. Although the use of a cell phone may be a convenient way of communicating, they should not be used while operating an automobile. Cell phone use while driving has dramatically increased over the past years in the U.S., and studies show that the risk of having an accident significantly increases when a person is talking or texting on their phone. Due to this increased risk, I believe Florida, as well as the other forty-nine states, should ban cell phone use while driving.

Using a cell phone while trying to drive is not only a major distraction, it can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. In a recent study done by Strayer and Johnson, they found that "cell phone conversations made drivers more likely to miss traffic signals and react more slowly to the signals that they did detect" (Strayer and Drews 128). The awareness of one's surroundings is vital in safe operation of an automobile. When a driver "disrupts performance by diverting attention from the external environment associated with the driving task to an engaging context associated with the cell phone conversation" (Strayer and Drews 129). The U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that the use of cell phones while driving is the number one cause of driving distraction leading to car crashes and accidents (Cramer, Mayer, and Ryan 181).

Although many people believe that hand-held cell phones cause the most distraction, evidence has shown that hands-free devices can be just as distracting (Seo and Torabi 102). A study at the University of Utah concluded that"talking on a cell phone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk, even if the phone is a hands-free model" ("Cell Phones and Driving"). Another recent study was conducted by Seo and Torabi to…...

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