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Document design – a control plan in which source document is designed to make it easier to prepare the document initially and later to input data from the document.

Written/electronic approvals – form of signature or initials on a document to indicate that someone has authorized the event.

Preformatted screens – control the entry of data be defining the acceptable format of each data field.

Online prompting – requests user input or asks questions that the user must answer.

Populate input screens with master data – the clerk enters the identification code for an entity and the system retrieves data about that entity from the master data.

Compare input data with master data – we can determine the accuracy and validity of the input data.

Procedures for rejected inputs – designed to ensure that erroneous data are corrected and resubmitted for processing.

Programmed edit checks – automatically performed by data entry programs upon entry of the input data.

Reasonableness checks or limit checks – test whether the contents of the data entered fall within predetermined limits.

Document/record hash totals – reflect a summarization of any numeric data field within the input document or record, such as item numbers or quantities on a customer order.

Mathematical accuracy checks – compare calculations performed manually to those performed by the computer to determine whether a document has been entered correctly.

Check digit verification – involves the inclusion of an extra digit – a check digit – in the identification number of entities such as customers and vendors.

Confirm input acceptance – this control causes the data entry program to inform the user that the input has been accepted for processing.

Automated data entry – this is a strategy for the capture and entry of event-related data using technology such as OCR, bar code, RFID, and EDI.

Enter data close to the originating source – this is a strategy for the capture and entry of event-related data close to the place that an event occurs.

Digital Signature – validates the identity of the sender and the integrity of an electronic message to reduce the risk that a communication was sent by an unauthorized system or user or was intercepted/modified in transit.

Turnaround documents – used to capture and input a subsequent event. Picking tickets, inventory count sheets, and remittance advice stubs attached to customer invoices are all examples.

Key verification – when input documents are keyed by one individual and then re-keyed by the second individual.

Sequence check – documents are prenumbered and a sequence check can be applied to those documents to determine that all documents have been processed (completeness) and that no extra documents have been processes (validity).

Manual reconciliation of batch totals

Agree run-to-run totals – by reconciling totals prepared before a computer process has begun totals prepared at the completion of the computer process.

Tickler file – a manual file of documents, or a computer file, that contains business event data that is pending further action.

One-for-one checking – the detailed comparison of the individual elements of two or more data sources to determine that they agree.…...

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