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Consumer Durables

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Dharwad December, 2007

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Chapter Particulars

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Table No. 1 2 Title General information of selected samples of different landholdings Place of purchase of food items by farm families of different landholdings Frequency and mode of purchase of food items by farm families of different landholdings Place of purchase of clothing by farm families of different landholdings Frequency and mode of purchase of clothing by farm families of different landholdings Mode of purchase of consumer durables by farm families of different landholdings Rank matrix of common top factors considered for purchasing of food, clothing and consumer durables Rank matrix of common top problems faced for purchasing of food, clothing and consumer durables Coping up practices to solve problems faced by the selected landholding families while purchasing food, clothing and consumer durables Percentage distribution of coping up practices by the selected samples while buying food, clothing and consumer durables Source of information for purchasing of consumable goods and consumer durables for farm…...

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