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Connection Speed Simulation Report

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Connection speed simulations are of great help when determining the best type of connection for your use. There are different types of connections with different speeds and characteristics just as there are different types of users, both at home and at big corporations. The budget they posses is what will determine just how much of a top quality connection they can get.
Download Speed = 20kbps

Utilization averages about 80% for downloads and about 2% for uploads. The high utilization of 80% does not give much available bandwidth for potential new applications or users. The Response Time is in the range of 5 to 7.5 seconds, too much and too long. This slow connection can get overloaded quite easily and would be ideal for personal use in a home.

Download Speed = 40kbps

This connection offers twice the speed of the last connection. Its Utilization averages 42% for downloads and about 2% for uploads. It can be seen in the simulation that twice the speed can mean twice as much bandwidth, or as close as it can get to twice as much bandwidth. Even though there are better sources for higher bandwidth, this particular connection is a decent one for a low budget user. In terms of Response Time, this connection ranges from 2.0 to 2.5 seconds. That’s more than twice the response time seen in the 20kbps connection, meaning that this connection can still be overloaded, but will require a more stern use by an equally stern user.

Download Speed = 512kbps

This DSL connection offers great speed for an average user. Even if the user isn’t of the average type, this type of connection can provide lasting satisfaction for someone who is into downloading content and expecting web pages to load at a faster pace. This connection’s Utilization averages about 4.5% for downloads and about 0.0% for uploads. This percentage demonstrates this connection’s top notch speed and characteristics for, pretty much, any user that isn’t of a corporate level.
It’s Response Time is highly quick at an average of 0.125 to 0.150 seconds. That’s excellent compared to the first two connections. Overloading this connection will require a great deal of medium end downloads and several opening pages before a crash can occur, otherwise the speed will be the only thing that become affected, hopefully not by much.

Download Speed = 1.544Mbps

This type of connection offers speeds comparable to a T1 connection line usually used by users of a corporate level, not your average user. This speed and power comes at a price though. They are expensive and holding one for long terms requires a great deal of money.
You get what you paid for though. This connection’s Utilization for downloads is at 0.1% while its Utilization for uploads stands at a 0.0%. Its Response Time is almost non-existent with an average between 0.04 and 0.05 seconds. Superb speeds with huge bandwidth equals near non-existent clutter and overloading. Pages load almost instantaneously and content download goes quick and smooth as silk.
Recommendations upon Comparisons
Comparing between all the simulated connections and their speeds, bringing an economic element along, is a rather simple task. Taking into consideration the great gap between them, it is safe to say that the results were varied at best. The 20kbps connection is best when speaking about monthly payments. That’s because it is the cheapest of them all, but its output leaves something to be desired and only the neediest of users with minor income would consider this connection, but in this case it just doesn’t work.
Taking this 20kbps connection and comparing it to the 40kbps connection completely takes it out of the equation. This superior connection is slightly more expensive, but offers twice the productivity. Therefore, this 40kbps connection is far more ideal than its slower predecessor.
Now, if you compare the 40kbps connection with a superior 512kbps connection, you get a major upgrade for a modest price. This connection is by far the best deal you can get, balancing both power and price.
Last but not least, the 1.544Mbps connection is a real powerhouse, but such power requires great monetary support. This is not ideal for an average home user with good income. Like stated earlier, this connection is best for corporate use and educational institutions which can afford it and have it satisfy its needs.
To choose one of these connections is not hard. One always wants the best, but is never willing to pay for it. In this case, the best connection to obtain, use, and maintain is the 512kbps connection. One, it is powerful enough to give the user what he is looking for. Two, its price is actually affordable for the working man, even for some students, making this connection the best and most versatile out of all the others.
Recommended connection line – 512kbps. * End of Report…...

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