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Computer Threat You Did Not Know

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10 Computer Threats You Didn't Know About
1. Fake Tech-Support Calls
You might get an unsolicited phone call from a tech-support representative claiming to be from Microsoft or another big-name IT corporation. But the caller won't be who he claims to be. After warning you that "suspicious activity" has been detected on your computer, he'll offer to help once you give him the personal information he requires to get his job done.
That job isn't fixing your computer. In fact, he's really just after your personal information.
If you receive a call like this, hang up, call the company the bogus technician claimed to be from, and report the incident to a legitimate representative. If there really is a problem, they'll be able to tell you; if not, you just thwarted a data thief.
2. DNS Redirection
Internet service providers (ISPs) such as Time Warner Cable and Optimum Online claim they're trying to help with DNS redirection, but the reality seems to come down to money. Domain Name System (DNS) redirection overrides your browser's normal behavior when you can't reach a webpage. Instead of displaying the normal 404 "File Not Found" error, the ISP sends you to a page of the ISP's choosing usually a page full of paid advertising and links.
Innocent though that practice may be, computer viruses can do the same thing,redirecting your browser to a hostile page the first time you misspell a domain. With ISPs, you can opt out of their DNS redirection (you'll find links below all the ads); with viruses, stay on your toes. Make sure you know what your browser's default 404 page looks like, and take action if you see anything different.
3. Open DNS Resolvers
Another danger lies in the way some DNS servers are configured. An "open resolver" can offer information it isn't authorized to provide. Not only are open resolvers exploited in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks…...

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