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Company Strategy for Inter-Clean Inc.

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Company Strategy for Inter-Clean The purpose of this paper is to document a thorough job analysis and selection method for Inter-Clean Inc. who has merged with Envirotech in hopes of creating a very innovative and competitive company for the future. Enviro-tech wishes to seek and employ very talented and well-educated individuals to complete their workforce base. These sales representatives will have a keen sense about them and each one in their own unique way will understand how to relate to their own customer base. Some of our personnel will be required to be bilingual, possess a graduate degree or further, and have exceptional writing and computing skills while others will be required to possess a bachelor’s degree, have a specialization in marketing, and yet also have a solid employment background in retail and strong customer service skills jobs. The primary reason for this makeup of a workforce is that our company wishes to capitulate on a group that works extremely effectively as a team but also can relate to and understand a large diversified clientele by each team member having a unique set of qualifications. To some extent, our company will have members who are bilingual, can communicate well, and provide excellent customer service to the Hispanic community. To another extent, our company will also possess people who have a very in-depth knowledge on accounting, pricing, selling, and marketing the company’s products to the public. Also, we will have an attractive staff at the receptionist center at the front of the office who are required to have possibly some modeling experience or a major in sports and exercise science from their local college. Again, our mission is to have a variety of people with distinct talents who can relate to a very broad customer base in different and applicable…...

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