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Company: a Corporate Personality

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Date of Submission: 22-04-2010


At first, we are paying our gratitude to Almighty “Allah” because without him, we wouldn’t be able to prepare this term paper. We would like to express our respect and heartiest gratitude to our course instructor of BUS 361Md. K.I.M.MANZUR-E-MAWLA, Adjunct Faculty, Department Of Bachelor of Business Administration, East West University. Without him, preparing this report would be simply impossible for us. We also like to thank our seniors and classmates to giving advices and reliable information. We are paying our hearties appreciation to all of these people for their great co-operation, which will be always remembered by us.

Letter of transmittal

22 April, 2010

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Business Administration
East West University

Dear Sir

For the purpose of understanding the company law and corporate personality in the real life scenario and what are the cases that influence the company law. Therefore we have prepared a report on Company: A Corporate Personality.

It is our honor to transmit to you the report and grateful to you for giving us the chance to prepare this report being a part of course works Legal Environment of Business (BUS 361). In spite of various limitations, we did our best to put rational analysis in this report through our collective effort.

We hope that you will find some…...

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