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Communication Breakdown

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hen you think of the office, you might think about communicating between one and another in order to complete the jobs at hand. I think of the office and think why isn’t the work getting done? “There has to be a communication breakdown.” Most of the time it seems some of the work gets done and other work seems to get ignored. Most of the time, it seems that the communication gets broken down and relayed in portions instead of the full message. This of course is when you are dealing with larger companies. Smaller companies tend to have better communication.

I have been in business with both small and large businesses, so I have had the pleasure of experiencing both sides. This paper will discuss the communication breakdown between the boss and the subordinates’ in both large and small businesses.


Most workers in the business world have to multi-task, in order to function at their job. Many times, when workers multi-task they tend to forget or things happen to get lost in the shuffle. Many workers want to be the go too guy or gal, that seems to have all the right answers and gets the job done.

All this initiative can sometimes lead to communication breakdown. Before we begin to discuss this subject, lets’ also remember; in a large company when an order is given from the president in a large company it must go through a world of supervisors before it reaches the worker who will do the job. Now in a smaller company, you might have 2 supervisors who receive the order before it reaches the worker. This of course translates into a lesser chance of communication breakdown.

Communication is the foundation for everything we do in the workplace. It happens every day, all the time. It follows, then, that communication problems can have a devastating role in undermining our organizational success. And yet, most employees never…...

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