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MEMBER SERVICES 1-888-288-8889
(HOURS FOR LIVE REPRESENTITIVE 07:00-19:00 MONDAY -FRIDAY) opt 4 (I did not put e-mail on application. It can always be added at a later date. Strongly suggest going to above website and registering. All you have to do is enter Club Carlson member number and create a password. Reason being is that you will be updated on current promotions.)
20 pts per USD spent Keep in mind that is based on rate amount before the 15.03% taxes. *For example 1 night at $100.00 one would accumulate 2,000 member points. *
These points can be used and or applied towards several different things. * Car rental purchases * Free stay_ typically 9,000 to 20,000 points * Flight miles * Using point and applying them towards a better rate (5,000 or 10,000 points applied through member service) qualifies a member * Transferring points into cash through a pay pal card

There is no catch to being a member and it is no cost to you! Every member gets not only acknowledged at check but also at our property gets a welcome bag in room containing bottle water and fun size chips! The points never expire and every time you stay at one of the club Carlson property’s you will accumulate points. There are different levels of membership but all are just as important.

* Red * Gold * Silver * Elite
These levels are based on the total number of nights a member stay per calendar year.…...

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