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Cognos Capabilities

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ACO is currently using Cognos TM1 as one of their Business intelligence tools. The capabilities of Cognos are as follows: * Query and reporting: Authoring viewing and modifying reports * Analysis: information access, ability to drill down real-time data and the ability to use predictive analytics * Scorecards: ability to track performance using KPI’s for performance assessment * Dashboards: Assembles and format all sorts of content for further analysis and trend spotting * Mobile applications: Makes information available when and where it’s needed * Offline access and capabilities: Ability to analyze data where connection is not available and explore data offline * Statistics: ability to derive statistical information and present and produce report for analysis * Real-time monitoring: Real time information updating to the program allowing for accurate assessment of current situations. This creates opportunity a for a better response time in determining causes of issues that present themselves. * Collaboration and social networking: Establish networks to expand the reach of information and social networking capabilities to gain multiple and different perspectives. Helps to establish a consensus in report results and the ability to coordinate task with the required people improving work flow. * Enterprise planning and financial capabilities: Can create budgets, plans, scenario analysis, conditions, and drivers to gauge and assess and evaluate future performance forecasts.
With the option to house up to 264 dimensions on a single memory cube and the ability to combine multiple cubes there are ample metrics available for analysis and evaluation purposes. Once all businesses are using TM1, it will allow for a more successful exchange of compatible information and better ability to derive a more accurate performance forecast.…...

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